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Head of Operations & Study Development/
Conference Speaker

Rebecca Fisher was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, a real-life Valley Girl. Growing up with the influence of a long line of teachers, Rebecca was introduced early on to classics such as Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, Dickens, and one of her favorite characters, Sherlock Holmes, developing a lifelong love of storytelling.


Rebecca pursued that love into college, earning a Bachelor's of English,  Master's of Education, and Master’s courses in literature and creative writing. Her first novel, All the Wrong Places, started as a short story for a creative writing course and chronicles many of her own experiences living in a mortuary, raising her daughter on her own, and discovering her Christian faith. Rebecca’s years in college writing programs have left her with a varied collection of short stories, plays, essays, and poetry covering many personal experiences from teenage rebellion to single-motherhood and spiritual awakening.


Using her 20 years of teaching experience and curriculum development in both science and English language arts, Rebecca built Beakerz Science, a hands-on science education company bringing the fun of science to early childhood education.  

Creatively Called has allowed Rebecca to use her curriculum development and writing experience to teach the Word of God and help creatives connect to their Creator, while sharing her deep love of Jesus. 

Rebecca is a wife, mother, daughter, auntie, sister, and friend; all of which bring her great joy and purpose. Her two daughters are grown and pursuing their own callings. Rebecca resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband, dog, and very large cat. They love to find adventure traveling near and far to see God’s creation up close. 

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Legal Advisor / Conference Speaker

Jonathan Wolfson is a husband, father, attorney, policy advisor, author, speaker, and teacher whose career includes multiple roles in both the private and public sectors. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington University in St. Louis with an Economics Degree and later earned his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.


He presently is Chief Legal Officer and Policy Director at the Cicero Institute, a think tank creating entrepreneurial solutions to the most challenging public policy problems. His previous roles include work as a senior executive at the United States Department of Labor, a litigation and regulatory attorney at an international law firm, an adjunct faculty member at the Honors College at the University of South Florida, and a policy analyst at the White House. Jonathan is the author of The Great Debate, a debate textbook used by students around the globe, and has been teaching debate and public speaking for over two decades. He has coached speakers who have won numerous state, regional, national, and international awards.


Many moons ago, Jonathan was just a typical AG kid: camping with his Royal Ranger outpost, memorizing verses with his JBQ and Bible Quiz teams, and competing in Short Sermon at Fine Arts festivals.  He is excited to provide training on public speaking and short sermon to students and help them gain comfort and confidence as public speakers. 


Jonathan and his wife, Kendall, have four children: JJ, Hartwell, and Waverly, and Magnolia. In his copious free time, you can find Jonathan and his family scouring the freezer section for the best ice cream flavors, on Royal Rangers or Indian Princesses campouts, or enjoying a great book. When they all go to bed, Jonathan dreams of joining the ski patrol.



Head of Music, Engineering & Technology/
Conference Speaker

Josh Scolaro is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and recording engineer who has produced over 50 album over the last 25 years in rock, pop, hip hop, bluegrass, country, indie, and folk.


In 2019, Josh worked with a team of musicians and sound technicians for an Arts and Music Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. He has also worked on major advertising campaigns from 2013 to 2015.


He currently writes and produces children’s music for a global kids ministry, works as part of the production team and worship team at his home church, while leading worship with “Art and the Bible” in a weekly jail ministry. Josh enjoys having scripture unlocked in community and then illustrating it through music.



Head of Art & Study Development/
Conference Speaker

Elizabeth is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts- concentration in Art Education, and Advance Placement certifications from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has had the joy of teaching art for the past 18 years.


Her artwork has been on gallery tours to South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.  In 2015, she illustrated and published a children’s book with Elizabeth Grapes. 


In October 2019, she was blessed to lead an Arts and Worship Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.  In 2021, she collaborated in illustrating and developing a Bible Study titled “Thirsty: Engaging God’s Word Through The Arts”. Elizabeth loves sharing the Word of God with others through the Arts.



Head of Finance

David is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Economics, and Eastern Michigan University with a Master’s degree in Accounting.  He has a 16 year work history in the Healthcare industry. 


In October 2019, he accompanied the team for an Arts and Worship Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.



Head of Information & Project Management 



Head Of Business/Conference Speaker

Nigel was born and raised in the Richmond area, where he grew a passion for art.


Nigel is a former professional athlete that enjoys mentoring and giving back to his local community. He enjoys seeing people who don’t typically identify with being creatives, putting forward efforts to express themselves through art.


Nigel enjoys teaching art and the Bible because it opens a whole new way to express our love and journey with Christ.



Head of Worship & Social Media/
Conference Speaker

Lindsey Besedich grew up singing in the church. She enjoys worshiping at her church, The Chapel, and sharing God’s love through her music. She enjoys teaching vocal techniques through Art & Bible because she loves the reminder that God gives us all gifts to use for His purpose. Using God’s word to enhance the gifts He has given us to bring others closer to Him, brings such joy to her and God.



Conference Speaker

Hello, I am Hilary Pokoj. I have a background in Art Education and Art History and I have a very rewarding job working at the Children’s Museum of Richmond where I am their education coordinator, education program creator, and educator.


I have shown artwork at Crossworks Art Gallery in Richmond, Virginia in 2018. I love inspiring other people to be creative and to use their talents. This builds confidence! I have experienced and learned that when God is not the center of your confidence, you can only go but so far. When He becomes your confidence and your strength, then you can go farther than you ever thought possible.


This “Art in the Bible” group has really been a bridge connecting my passion for art to the Creator of all and I feel that the bridge is getting stronger and stronger every season. I love teaching and being a part of this class because I get to see Jesus through brushstrokes, music notes, and pencil marks, and that is just so cool!



Conference Speaker

Ed Pokoj is an illustrator and artist. His work ranges from large bamboo sculptures and puppets to watercolor postcard paintings and logos. He has written and illustrated one children’s book, The AniMilliner’s Alphabet, and illustrated one children’s book and three coloring books. His work has been shown at Brewer’s Cafe, The Well Art Gallery, Crossroads Art Center and The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design.

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Conference Speaker

In my college endeavors, I thought I would put my passion for art into pursuing a traditional teaching degree only to realize that, I didn’t know the value of my identity as a Child of God. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts, the Lord took my on a journey to discover that HE has given me creative talents to be able to connect with HIM in a unique way. The Lord started speaking to me through art in a way that resonated deeply in my spirit and gave me permission to brake my art out of the box. Since that day, my desire is to create work that speaks of God’s beauty and HIS creativity in us should never be confined.