Paint Brushes


Creatively Called was born from a heart to serve God with the gifts He's given, and help others to find the connection between their creativity and their Creator.


This is a picture of our first service trip together in Nairobi, Kenya, where the Lord knit our souls together to serve Him.



Connecting Creatives with Their Creator


  • Goal #1: Teach creatives how to worship God with their gifts and talents.

  • Goal #2:  For worldly wisdom to no longer corner the market on the arts, and for knowledge of The Lord to invade the arts allowing the Gospel of God’s Grace to shine in unexpected areas.

  • Goal #3: Tap into a large community of creatives hungry for inspiration and true purpose.

  • Goal #4: For artists to know how to read their Bible, experience time with the Holy Spirit, and to be able to use their talents to share the Gospel.

  • Goal #5: For musicians to know how to read their Bible and focus on songwriting and instrumental expression of His Words.